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Marketing manager needed!

TL;DR | Volunteer marketing lead wanted, send CV, LinkedIn and a short cover letter to info@broadcastamsterdam.nl.  

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Update from the EP (inc audio)

Early in the new year, and itching to demo our new radio studio at Stellar Amsterdam on the Kinkerstraat, I did a short live show all on my own. So yes, it was a bit rambling, but hey

CL sparkly studio
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Fermentation | #nourishingthedam

Something’s bubbling! Welcome to Joyce Bergsma’s regular Eat Live Love Food spot on Broadcast Amsterdam radio. She’ll share short reports during our Saturday morning programming on local food stories. Fermentation Joyce explains why foods such as kimchi and sauerkraut are so good for us, and how to go about adding them into our diet. Airing from Saturday […]

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Tips to tame the sugar monster

Welcome to a radio mini-series on reducing your sugar intake, part of a regular Contagiously Healthy spot on Broadcast Amsterdam radio.

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Leeman Doner | Fat Kids Corner

Joe Montagno from local food blog, Fat Kids Corner, visits Leeman Döner and tells Broadcast Amsterdam all about it. Read (or listen) to the report here. The Fat Kids Corner series is also aired on Broadcast Amsterdam’s radio station on Saturday mornings, during our regular local food slot. Leeman Döner Van Woustraat 160, 1073 LW […]

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Our top tracks for January

Video story

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The Mixtree story | an eclectic space in Amsterdam

What is Mixtree and how did this Amsterdam project start up? Alexander Goekjian shares their journey so far. “Mixtree is many things, in one.”   Based in Amsterdam’s Nieuwe West, the Mixtree non-profit has set up home in a disused Calvinist school, a building with a striking brutalist design, to provide a cultural, international space […]

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