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Written by on 02/03/2018

“Hi my name is Matt Carney and I’m an actor in Amsterdam. I’m going to talk about what kind of music I listen to … it’s kind of broad, I generally look on the Discover part of Spotify and start collecting songs which make me feel something.

I’m influenced by growing up in the UK, I’m British, and I’ve got a certain taste for bands like The XX and London Grammar. I’ve just discovered a new band called Lyves, they sound a bit like Massive attack. So, I’m definitely on the side of an Electro indie British sound and I listen to that when I’m … I’m often working at home …

But also I like very chilled, non-vocal music as well. So I listen to Alaskan Tapes, they’re really chilled, a bit like James Blake without so much techno, more kind of dreamy, melancholy tracks. I need something in the background but nothing too vocal – so the Alaskan Tapes is really great. It’s kind of like Sigur Ros but abstract.

I go to the gym and I do have high energy tracks … I like Låpsley … she’s a London girl, she’s been compared to Adele. She’s not better, just electronic music that’s more high energy. And Joisin, I discovered recently, a kind of Radiohead sound. I also like an artist Haevn, one track I’ve listened to for a while has now gone really mainstream, Bright Lights. It gets you started in the day.

I like to wake up with music, I go on a musical journey during the day, I start chilled, change in the afternoon to high energy tracks, if I need to concentrate, I take vocal music out of the playlist.

I even go classical … Ludovico Einaudi, so contemporary classic. I also like Jóhann Jóhannsson, who I saw in Amsterdam. I’m influenced by bands that come to Paradiso and ADE. So through that I discovered Kiasmos – they’re a Scandinavian-Icelandic duo.

I’ve been influenced living in Amsterdam; there’s a Scandi influence, and techno coming from Berlin and homegrown techno – not on the hard side, more easier-listening techno.

So I’ve got other artists, like Haux, which I don’t know where they’re from, I think they’re European, they have more of a Scandi sound [they are American electro].

That’s my playlist – it goes across genres but I have a structure in my day, going from one genre to another. And, I like Canadian dreamy folk and the blues, soul too.”

[a rough transcript of what Matt said]

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