Petra Fisher | A real-life Amsterdam startup story

Written by on 05/03/2018

Can you start a business as a single parent? Petra Fisher shares her experiences and insights in this candid, 13m interview. She talks about the journey she went on as she started up offering social media training on the side, so that she could keep a steady income as the sole breadwinner. She recognises that her business developed slowly, but in time she was able to ditch the ‘day job’ and work as a LinkedIn trainer full-time.


In the beginning , she was too shy to network in order to find new clients, and that’s when she really discovered the power of LinkedIn.


Although she’s Dutch, Petra spent  a lot of time in Australia and finds a natural fit with the local expat community, and focuses her business on English-speaking clients.


“What you see is what you get”: Petra’s method is to be yourself on LinkedIn, be genuine. It works for her, attracting clients that are a good fit, with no surprises.



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