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Written by on 21/03/2018

A report from Rock the Vote event on 19 March 2018, an English language election event for Amsterdammers, ahead of the city’s local elections. The event was organised by Groenlinks, with representatives from four other local parties (the five largest in Amsterdam); D66, PvdA, VVD and SP.

The report includes most of the Q&A from the audience section, including questions on:

  • What is your party proposing re Air B&B in Amsterdam?
  • What is your party’s views on Amsterdam Marketing and the management of tourists in the centre of Amsterdam?
  • Apart from the housing issue, what party policies do you have that benefit expats, that are different from the other parties.

There was an excellent turnout, with De Marktkantine almost full on a cold Monday night.


Report by @CathyCentral

(Photo by Martin Cleaver)

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