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Written by on 23/06/2018

You can now listen to a beta version of Broadcast Amsterdam’s new, independent, English-language internet radio station for Amsterdam. So we’re already broadcasting a taster of what you can expect, but there’ll be more soon. For example, we’re working to bring you:

  • up to date news, weather and travel reports
  • a regular guide to what’s on in the city  
  • live radio shows
  • gig news  
  • interviews & more
  • radio show collaborations
  • a showcase of local podcasts

Tell us what you think

Hello! So what do you think of our radio preview so far? Don’t like The xx? Tweet us a song you like at @broadcastams. Maybe we’ll add it, maybe we won’t.


Do you love our idea? Then be kind, don’t keep us all to yourself!  To make this radio station sustainable, it needs the biggest audience possible. Otherwise it won’t be around for very long. You know how it works. So please, help us spread the word!

Get involved

Would you like to be part of Amsterdam’s new English-language radio station? We’re looking for volunteer reporters, hosts and behind the scenes producers who can contribute time on a regular basis. We’re also looking for a ‘station voice’, that’s basically someone to voice some “Broadcast Amsterdam” bumpers/sweepers for the station. Are you a podcaster or budding podaster who would like us to share your work? That could be possible. If you are an organisation of interest to the international community of Amsterdam, there could be space for you on our radio platform. So in short – we want more of you on this radio station. Want to know more? Then get in touch with us at

Who are we? 

I am Cathy and I’m the Executive Producer of Broadcast Amsterdam, a non-profit social enterprise. With a small team of volunteers, we’ve been sharing stories for Amsterdam since 2014. We make original videos for our YouTube channel and we have a regular slot on local TV, Salto 1. But before that, some of us had been making radio for Amsterdam for a few years, with English Breakfast Radio (may she rest in peace). And lately, lots of our audience have been asking us for a local radio station, in English. And we like the idea too. So we’re going to give it a try. That’s our very short story. Do you have a story to share?


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Executive Producer, Stichting Broadcast Amsterdam


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