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A news summary for Amsterdam this month …

[as of week 29]

Rembrandt Park makeover | In 2019 Rembrandt Park in Amsterdam West will be redeveloped and the city council is inviting input from local residents. Maybe you’d like there to be a paddling pool or a butterfly garden? Now’s your chance to have your say and put your requests in.  There’s already concern that a playground, the Mercator Speeltuin, will be built over. There’s also an app, called MijnPark that you can use to give feedback on particular spots in the park. (See:

Lelystad test flights noiser than expected | The test flights that were recently conducted around Lelystad Airport made more noise than they had been calculated to in the environmental impact assessment. 8 decibels more, even though they were empty. According to Het Parool, there is a lot of resistance against the expansion of Lelystad Airport from local residents and nature organisations, with concerns about noise pollution in particular. The expansion of Lelystad Airport has already been postponed to 2020, and it seems further delays may be possible now that new research is needed on the effects

Mayor’s mural spot needed | The search is on for a location in De Baarsjes for a public artwork dedicated to deceased mayor Eberhard van der Laan’s final instruction to his people: “Take good care of our city and each other”.  It’s suggested that the artwork take the form of a mural or something similar, and ideas for where this should go are invited up until 2 September. The final location will be announced on 28 September. Van der Laan lived in De Baarsjes for many years. (Source: NL Times)

Rozengracht to close for repairs | The tram tracks along the Rozengracht need major repairs which means that the street will close to both tram and car traffic during most of September. The track repairs were planned for later but for safety reasosn, they have to be brought forward urgently.  The trams 13 and 17 that use Rozengracht will run on a modified route. The Rozengracht will also be getting a complete redesign at a later date, following consultation with local residents.

Stock exchange company coming | Cboe Global Markets is planning to move to Amsterdam – it’s the largest stock exchange company in Europe. It will move its head office from London, following Brexit in order to be able to serve the European market. This follows the decision to move the European Medicines Agency to Amsterdam.

New food bins to fight rat problem | Certain areas in Amsterdam will get new food waste bins in order to tackle a growing population of rats in the city. As reported by Het Parool, waste bins will ferment bread remains to create biogas, creating energy for the city in the process. 


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