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Written by on 25/11/2018

MY.DAM.PLAYLIST series | Episode 2  | Aimilia Mouzaki

(added to Broadcast Amsterdam radio on 23.11.18, playing out at 20:00-20:30 nightly for a while and then from time to time …) 

“Hi I’m Aimilia. I live in Amsterdam. I came here in 2001, I wanted to continue my studies in Art & Graphic Design.

I like music in general, I don’t have a genre that I really, really am into. I like dance music but I’m also very much into some minimalistic music. It just doesn’t matter. I like, actually, pretty much every kind of music, for sure.

I like, a lot, Lovage, and I like also a new artist called Maggie Rogers. I also like old music like Nina Simone and Diana Ross.

I really love this song from Björk, the Anchor song. I love the sound of the brass.

You might call it eclectic, I’m just calling it “whatever”. Just music that I felt like putting together now. It doesn’t really represent anything at all just the sound of some songs I thought make a nice contrast.

Some of them they’re nice combined together, just trying out different music genres together like pop, and Motown, and some old jazz. Also some references to grunge, because I used to be very much into grunge, a long time ago.”




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