Wed 13 Feb | Join us 09:00-21:00 for our live radio marathon

Written by on 13/02/2019

This Wednesday 13 February, the Broadcast Amsterdam team bring you 12 hours of live local radio (in English), direct from our studio at Stellar Amsterdam on the Kinkerstraat.

Running from 09:00 in the morning until 21:00 at night, we’ll have live radio hosts to talk you through your day in Amsterdam, with local news and events, some chat and a pretty good soundtrack to match.

We’re celebrating World Radio Day, but it’s also a taste of things to come on Broadcast Amsterdam radio, as we start launching our live shows this week.

We’ve got seven delightful local radio hosts lined up for you as follows, plus Deena behind the scenes:


09:00 @cathycentral + drop ins

10:00 @cathycentral + drop ins

11:00 @cathycentral + drop ins

12:00 @cathycentral + drop ins

13:00 Chris Willis #brambreakfast

14:00 Chris Willis #brambreakfast

15:00 Matt Carney & Maxine Penney

16:00 Geli Carney @damkitchens & Joe Montagna @fatkidscorner

17:00 Geli Carney @damkitchens & Joe Montagna @fatkidscorner

18:00 Natasha Cloutier #happyhour

19:00 Natasha Cloutier #happyhour

20:00 @cathycentral (EP)

21:00 THE END

Disclaimer: We only decided to do this 12-hour broadcast a few days ago and pretty much all of the team will be using our studio for the first time live. So wish us luck. 

Listener challenge

And we’d like to set a little challenge for the day. We need to increase our audience figures to make the radio station sustainable. If you don’t use it, you lose it!

So we need all our listeners to help snowball the broadcast during the day so that we reach, let’s say … at least 200 unique listeners over the day. 

OK, let’s go.

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