BASE team @ Cathy’s Lunch LIVE

Written by on 19/02/2019

Lana and Veronica, organisers of the BASE Conference, joined me for Cathy’s Lunch LIVE #E03, my regular Friday lunchtime radio show. They spilled the beans on why they think Amsterdam needs a tailored event to support startups, entrepreneurs and SMEs as they look to scale up their business or enterprise. But also how they decided to fulfil this need themselves, with this new event. Most importantly though, as per the rules … they also brought me a delicious lunch of baguettes and quiche from sustainable sandwich bar, Exki, and some naughty Dunkin Donuts.

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BASE Conference

Wednesday 29 May @ Het Parool Theater

Full show

But as well as that, the full one-hour show gave listeners more behind the scenes stories, some music picks from me, and a bit of neighbourhood drama involving my cat and the fire brigade.

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