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Written by on 26/02/2019

Estelle and Katie from Eva Connections joined me on the radio for Cathy’s Lunch LIVE to chat about their new networking group, which focuses on supporting and socialising for local professional women. They share why they started the organisation, the kind of events they run, and what they have planned for the future.

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“We’re really focusing on career women … we come from corporate backgrounds,  so the focus is really around careers, women who want a career, women who are developing their careers, whether they’re entrepreneurs or they’re creatives, whether they’re corporate women … who are really invested in their health and wellness.” Katie Howard Cross

You talk about work-life balance, when in reality there’s no balance, right, let’s face it, it’s more like a balancing act. So including more of the lifestyle, the wellness, the fitness … including all of that within our community was an absolute natural response for us.” Estelle Roux-Stevens

“And also women who want to develop their authentic leadership, their EQ skills, their communication skills. We hear a lot about things like imposter syndrome so we really want to help women kind of get over this hurdle that a lot of women seem to face” Katie Howard Cross

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Thanks for lunch Eva Connections!

As per the rules, Katie and Estelle also brought me lunch: pittig kip (spicy chicken pasta salad from Albert Heijn). And although I pop across the road to the AH a lot, this was deffo a new discovery for me. Verdict: It was certainly spicy but it dissipated pretty quickly, plenty of chicken, the sliced olives were a bonus, and there wasn’t too much mayo (a bug bear of mine). #lekker


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