Reducing single-use plastics | local impact news

Written by on 19/03/2019

In the first episode premier of Impact Unpacked, social impact experts Chloe and Helen discussed news and more on the topic of single-use plastics, along with a few other local impact stories:

  • Plastic – good? bad? is recycling enough?
  • Plastics news – EU ban, Nestle’s actions, NS reusable coffee mug discounts, etc…
  • Waterboard elections (waterschap)
  • Interview with Beth Massa from Ozarka – on sustainable takeaway packaging
  • Local impact-related events


Waterboard elections questionnaire (in English):

March 20 sustainable wardrobe event:

Listen back here:

Ozarka interview:



Listen back to the full one-hour show:

Thanks for the delicious lunch, Soil of Amsterdam!

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