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Written by on 21/03/2019

Joe Montagna from local food blog, Fat Kids Corner, shares an elegy to  the late great PEEJAYS Doughnuts, a short-lived but superior doughnut emporium.

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[was at] Vijzelgracht 37 1017 HP Amsterdam

Some people say “doughnut”, others “donut”. Let’s explain … Doughnut is the original spelling of the word. It’s common in the United States and recognized internationally. Donut, popularized by lame ass Dunkin Donuts in the 1950’s is an Americanized, shortened version of the word.

Question: what’s the connection between Botany and Doughnuts?

Answer: Flower! Get it? Flour. Ok bad joke but doughnut worry, the story gets better … 

Imagine this, your Opa (Grandpa in Dutch), an entrepreneur and self-made botanist, decides he wants to create a new species of plant in Holland using his namesake and call it the, “Kooij Nertera.” Wikipedia says, “The Nertera granadensis, also known as coral bead plant, pin-cushion plant, coral moss or English baby tears, is a ground cover with orange berries, of the genus, Nertera.”

Fat Kid says, blah-blah-blah … Doughnut give me a hard time, I’m not here to speak about plants! I’m here to talk about the freshest, tastiest doughnuts in Amsterdam …

So let’s get to it … planning for retirement, Opa hands the family business over to his two sons. The business takes one of the brothers and his family to Canada and there, while traveling North America, the family falls in love with American style doughnuts. Seeing a doughnut hole in the market here in Holland, the Kooij family open PEEJAYS Doughnuts in 2016.

[this next bit is how How remembers PEEJAYS Doughnuts]

Funny how their achternaam also describes their business. Kooij, pronounced like ‘koi’ (the beautifully colored fish) or ‘coy’ (shy or modest but intended to be alluring), are just like the doughnuts being served here. Handcrafted using fresh fruit compotes, custards, glazes and toppings, all eleven variations are made in house fresh daily. Mouth-watering flavors like Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt give you that incredible sweet ‘n salty combination you desire. Carmelized sugar on top, the Coffee Crème Brulee is a perfect jumpstart to any morning.

Doughnut get me started … Maple Syrup Pecan, Berry Glazed, Vanilla Disco, Blackberry Cheesecake and the old classic Boston Cream to name a few more!

Lemon Curd Meringue, Raspberry White Chocolate and a Cinnamon Roll doughnut, this place can’t keep up its inventory and sells out each day before the doors close!

Try 1, try 2, try a half dozen [like this indecisive Fat Kid did every I walked in the place.]

But nothing’s taken its place yet. Which is great. Keep the location. PEEJAYS come back!

I’m sorry PEEJAYS, I absolutely love you and I don’t know had you had to go. 





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