Communities that create local impact

Written by on 25/03/2019

In the second episode of Impact Unpacked, Chloe and Helen explore the topic of community and highlight a few organizations who are building up communities in a positive and inclusive way.

  • They chat with Menno Houtstra from the Kaskantine, the do-it-yourself urban farm cafe/restaurant and discover a bit of its history, its people, and where they will go next.
  • We are not for sale, who helps former victims of human trafficking
  • They played with and explain the app, Vraagapp which helps vulnerable people to answer their daily questions quickly and easily
  • Other news, such as the Amsterdam library, a age-old pillar representing community, celebrating its 100-year anniversary!!


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Kaskantine full interview:


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Thanks again for the delicious lunch, Soil of Amsterdam!

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