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Written by on 01/04/2019

In the third episode of Impact Unpacked, Chloe and Helen chat about sustainable travel – travelling or commuting in a more-environmentally friendly way, trains instead of airplanes or trains instead of cars, etc… and how we, as travelers can enjoy and make the most out of the journey to get to our travel destination.

  • They get some views on the topic from Fenno Verdaasdonk, creative freelance strategist for impact enterprises, who promotes and participates in long distance train travel.
  • They play a bit with the Green Tickets app, and how you can use it to compare different travel methods and its carbon footprint.
  • And coverage on local events and news!


Fenno’s consultancy facebook page:

Speaking event on sustainable travels:


Listen back here:

Fenno Verdaasdonk full interview:


Bonus audio clip (not covered on the live show) on Pack For A Purpose where as a traveler you can pack some small supplies (like pens, or flashcards) to help communities needing supplies in the country of your destination:


Listen back to the full one-hour show:

Thanks again for the delicious lunch, Soil of Amsterdam!


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