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Written by on 02/04/2019

Local band, The Fine & Dandy talked with Natasha Cloutier about their new EP.

Erik Seyferth (lead vocals) and Thomas Gillet (bass player) discussed the Americana and Britpop influences on their sound:

“The bass is very melodic in our songs [not like rock, only on the bottom] … and really enhances the songs” Erik

When asked why they sing in English and not Dutch they answered:

“Dutch, I think is a great language, and it’s a great language for poetry, as well I think, but for pop songs I think English … it just rolls off the tongue .. it just comes quite natural to me, so it’s not a conscious decision or trying to make it big in the world …” Erik

“I think it comes with the genre, when you go for Dutch … singing it means you make a specific choice to really make Dutch music.” Thomas

“And all the influences are English songs, most of them.” Erik

Natasha picked out a quirky track on the new EP, called Chicken in the Lord, in particular, and found out where the strange phrase comes from. But seriously, there is a definite narrative to their songs, they explain: “it goes somewhere, it’s not just a repetition of one idea”.

fine and dandy

The Fine & Dandy took time out of busy family life to speak with Broadcast Amsterdam (three band members were expecting babies soon), but in spring they hope to play the family-friendly Bredeweg Festival (on King’s Day on 27 April) in Amsterdam again in 2019, and maybe even make a small Amsterdam tour during the festivities.

(+ read more about Natasha’s new radio show below)

Happy Hour

Natasha Cloutier and her mate, Branko Collin, share a mix of music and local chat in their new Happy Hour live radio show, coming to Broadcast Amsterdam weekly on Wednesdays from 17:00-19:00 from 3 April 2019.

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