Infinite fit bit @ Cathy’s Lunch LIVE

Written by on 05/04/2019

Infinite Fit founder, Glenn Melis joined me for Cathy’s Lunch LIVE #E08. He shared his philosophy on weight loss and fitness, and why he started his pretty new personal training service, based in Amsterdam.

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“I see all these people in the gym, all those weird machines and I try to stand in their shoes when they walk in, and they’re like … Ok I’ve no idea what to do, how to use all these exercises or all these machines.”

“For me, fitness is not finite thing, it’s not a 12-week thing, it’s an infinite thing … your strength, your power .. and I’m trying to create something that’s lasting for people.”

Part of his programme includes a built-in peer group for support. Look out for Glenn and his clients in Sarphatipark for his bi-weekly workout meet-ups and more regularly at the Gustav gym on Weteringschans.

Glenn’s also what I’d call a deep thinker, catch the Mark Twain quote on his website ..

Full show

But as well as that, the full one-hour show gave listeners more behind the scenes stories, some “lost music” picks from me, and a heads up for some local events. Listen back to the full show here …

Thanks for lunch

And thanks to Glenn for the excellent protein-boost lunch from ‘Munch Fit Food to Go’, a new discovery for me.


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