Conscious and Sustainable Fashion

Written by on 09/04/2019

In episode four of Impact Unpacked, Chloe and Helen dive into fashion, style, clothing – they chat about how fast or cheaply made fashion negatively impacts the environment, and explore the many creative initiatives being taken to provide style to consumers while being good for people, and the planet:

  • Interview about the new innovative steps in fashion with Fashion for Good‘s rep and communications manager, Anne-Ro Klevant Groen (or Ro, for short). Check out the audio clip below!
    • Did you know they’ve got this cool, new, interactive museum where you can go and build your own fashion-action-plan and check out some dope brands pushing the boundaries on good fashion?! Discover The Experience

  • large retailers also moving into the direction of environmental sustainability
  • Recyclable fashion! the incredible art and science of making new textiles from old textiles with ReBlend, or making handmade clothes from recycled scraps by zero waste daniel



Nike’s 2020 targets and sourcing materials:

Good on You app, discover how your favorite brands measure up:

The Next Closet, second hand online shopping:

Sympany collection containers (and you were wondering what the heck happens to those clothes you donate in those green bins scattered throughout the city…):

i-did, making old uniforms into new items:

Listen back here:

Fashion for Good‘s Anne-Ro Klevant Groen, full interview:


Listen back to the full one-hour show:

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