Tips to tame the sugar monster | updated!

Written by on 10/04/2019

Welcome to a radio mini-series on reducing your sugar intake, part of a regular Contagiously Healthy spot on Broadcast Amsterdam radio station, airing during our Saturday morning programming on local food stories.

Listen to the tips here and find links on the Pinterest board below. #nourishingthedam

Tips to tame the sugar monster

Tip #1 | Know where your sugars are coming from

Including four easy steps, and a useful strawberry yoghurt example.


Tip #2 | A healthy start to the day with a protein-rich breakfast

Including four easy steps, and a bonus tip to convert sugars in grams to teaspoons of sugar. 


Tip #3 | Snacks & Desserts 

With three steps; checking in on daily dessert choices, better awareness and healthy alternative options like banana ice cream and a WHO bonus tip.


Tip #4 | Cutting sugary drinks

With a few steps; using shot glasses or adding water for juices, recalibrating your palate, infused water and more.


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