A boozy lunch with artist Giant Pansy

Written by on 15/04/2019

Alina Tang, the artist behind Giant Pansy, dropped by Cathy’s Lunch LIVE radio show recently. She shared a bit about her art; taking inspiration from nature and flowers in particular, using gouache paint and vibrant colours. Alina also told us about her art residencies, one working with wild flowers in Finland, and now a residency in Amsterdam where she’s already experienced two shared workplaces for artists. She now has a collection of work ready to share – with a public launch event on 18 April at De Werkwinkel in Oost to celebrate.

She also brought mimosas! [hiccup] ?

Listen back here …

CATHY: “Are you beginning to feel Dutch?”

ALINA: “I have started my Dutch lessons, I think I’m five lessons in. And I’m riding my bike everywhere, I eat tompoes almost every day, so …”


Full show

But as well as that, the full one-hour show gave listeners more behind the scenes stories, and a heads up for some local events. Listen back to the full show here …


Thanks for lunch

And thanks to Alina for lovely AH falafel salad, tompoes and mimosas! (CLL guests always bring lunch. Those are the rules.) Trust an artist to precisely cut their dessert with a pair of scissors.


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