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Written by on 15/04/2019

What is the future of food, and which new initiatives are tackling food sustainability to help us live more sustainably, locally? Listen back here or read the show notes below.

Gustavo Bottino, founder of SOIL of Amsterdam, full interview:

Listen back to the full one-hour show here:


Show notes

Our Impact Unpacked team, Chloe and Helen looked at these stories and more for the final episode of this season:

  • we were reminded of the big issues in food sustainability: the huge footprint of livestock, the mass extinction of wildlife due to intensive agriculture, and good palm oil vs bad oil
  • Gustavo Bottino, founder of SOIL of Amsterdam (a local plant-based restaurant), joined in the discussion and shared his perspective from within the food industry, all about their popular jackfruit sandwich, his motivation for setting up SOIL, and his goals for the future
  • digging down into why eating insects is such a good idea, but what puts people off?
  • Dutch initiatives to promote urban farming, including roof farms in The Hague
  • a chat about food waste, and what our listeners say they waste the most
  • lots more local organisations of interest, see the Pinterest board below.


Thanks for lunch, SOIL!

The famous jackfruit sandwiches kept our team going …

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