Chocolate in Amsterdam | mini-series | updated!

Written by on 28/04/2019

Welcome to a mini-series on Amsterdam chocolate producers. My six short reports will be aired on Broadcast Amsterdam radio during the #AmsterdamKitchen spot every Saturday morning. But you can also listen and read more about these local chocolate producers here (latest episodes first)…

Raw chocolate

“My first taste of raw chocolate!”

Raw chocolate | you can get hold of raw chocolate in quite a few places in Amsterdam, but my tip is to head to the Maker Store in De Hallen ( or De Bijenkorf and look out for this local brand, Choco and Things (


Tony’s & Chocolate Makers

Tony’s Chocolonely & Chocolate Makers | Available at Marqt and other local supermarkets.

“Two great positive messages from these local producers.” 


Urban Cacao

Urban Cacao | Huidenstraat 30HS & Rozengracht 200 |

“Urban Cacao has two sites in Amsterdam.  Their larger premises which includes a 400 square metre workshop is on Rozengracht while their much smaller shop can be found on Huidenstraat … now little did I know as I entered that shop, I was about to go down a rabbit hole of delights.”


Patisserie Linnick

Patisserie Linnick | Amstelveenseweg 75

“An oasis of calm on the busy Amstelveenweg, Patisserie Linnick offers delicious and creative dessert cakes to delight as well as a truly imaginative range of flavoured bonbons. Their use of Valhrona chocolate means you’re guaranteed a good chocolate ‘hit’ full of richness and complexity. Oh, and are you familiar with the concept of single estate production? Listen to my super simple summary.”


Van Soest

Van Soest | Utrechtsestraat 143

“What Van Soest offers is a café as well as a shop, so you can sit and watch the world go by while you enjoy a really very good hot chocolate, and decide which treats exactly you’re going to buy … Their chocolate is something that you can enjoy every day. I really believe that instead of eating lots of cheap chocolate, we should try to eat better quality chocolate and that is a philosophy that I think Van Soest are demonstrating in everything that they do.”


Puccini Bomboni

Puccini Bomboni | Staalstraat 17, Singel 184

“A chocolatier that’s been running in Amsterdam for just over 30 years. They’re renowned for producing their own chocolate bonbons with unique flavour combinations. And they also caught my eye for being cited in the National Geographic Magazine as one of the ten best chocolatiers in the world. That’s quite a statement. And the fact that their bonbons happen to be about three times bigger than your average … in no way persuaded me to head straight there. They were extremely friendly and the range of chocolate was incredible.”


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