Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind | an exclusive!

Written by on 04/06/2019

We spoke with Jim Jones ahead of his Tuesday 4 June Paradiso gig with Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind. Our Broadcast Amsterdam host, Chris Willis, even managed to get an exclusive about a  new single they almost have in the bag. Not so secret now.

Listen back here:

Jim chatted with Chris about their form of ‘dirty rock’, being surprised that they got played on the BBC, and also their new single that’s almost down.

But he also brought up political issues in the UK like rising populism that they recognise in their music, and instead “showing that you can have lots of different things, put them together and they’ll work side by side, and stand up … and they support each other”.

“I’m not smart enough to come up with a political solution for where we need to go next but what I do know is that people need to stick together … and come up with an answer to the whole divide and conquer …”

“We’re living through it at the moment and it’s important not to pretend that it’s not there, but it’s also important to not let it get you down too much … and concentrate on what you can do and that’s what I’ve figured out … what I can do is try and keep my message being like, “everyone, get together”.”


In concert … 

Paradiso, Amsterdam | Tuesday 4 May | 20:00 | 16 euros + membership fee |  tickets

The band will also play The Hague and Nijmegen this week.

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