Voorjaarsvakantie, no need to panic!

Written by on 18/02/2021

Margaret Kearns’ tips for things do to with kids during Amsterdam schools’ voorjaarsvakantie (22-26 Feb 2021), under our current coronavirus restrictions

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Extra radio slots

This feature was originally included within the Dam Daily Wednesday show on Broadcast Amsterdam radio station. This one-hour edit will also be re-broadcast on the station in extra slots for Families of Amsterdam, ahead of and during the school break. You can click on the Families of Amsterdam show link to see the broadcast schedule.

NB As this content is going to go out of date in a few weeks and it still contains some copyrighted music, we won’t be making a talk-only podcast edit of this feature. However there’s not much music in it – Margaret’s got so many tips there’s not so much time for music 🙂 LOLS.


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