Raizing the barre, a joyful pop-up | BRAM wk 4, 2023

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Raizing the barre, a joyful pop-up

How to start a new year with intent? On the second of January I dragged myself from my festive stupor, out of my comfort zone (home studio), loaded up the cargo bike and set up a pop-up radio show over on the other side of Amsterdam.

I also dragged BRAM RADIO host, Jesse, all the way from Leiden out of his festive stupor to join me. Bright-eyed and full of energy on the other hand, the RAIZ movement team made us right at home in their new space on Kerkstaat, complete with both a coffee bar and a workout barre. There are some places that as soon as you enter the door you feel good, a combination of aesthetics and the people there. I think Jesse felt it too, he vibed so effortlessly with founders Arthur, Gabby, and some of their instructors live on air. It was great for me to watch and listen to someone like Jesse (with extensive radio and hosting experience) working on the fly to bring out the stories from his interviewees with such authenticity and warmth. Whatever you’re covering, the key is to be sincerely interested, Jesse told me afterwards.


Arthur and Gabby shared their ‘start up’ story in the Amsterdam movement and fitness scene and how RAIZ wants to improve job security for local fitness freelancers …


Instructor, Marlon, shares his first, dubious yoga experience …


You can find the whole show and notes via the link below.

We did four pop-up radio shows across Amsterdam last year and we’ll be looking to do even more in 2023. Roughly one per month would be nice. I’m super keen to try out some audience participation and quiz nights or something, but ping me if you’re interested in broadcasting to Amsterdam and beyond from your very own business or organisation and we can see whatever works for you. [@CathyCentral, Exec Producer]


The Flink musician, Fenoman

OK so he’s probably not the only music artist doing Flink delivery 🚲 to pay the bills, but he’s possibly the most excited about it. Ukrainian, Igor Fenoman, joined us on BRAM RADIO to share some of his music and how he came to Amsterdam for a few days at the start of last year and ended up staying due to the outbreak of war at home. He’d already written a tribute track for Amsterdam years ago, but now with all the night-kayaking and kind people who helped him out with a place to stay, it seems he’s well and truly happy to be here. We’ll for sure try and bring Igor back on air soon because even though he tried to pack it all in 😆, he’s still got lots more local stories and music tips to share.

You can find the whole show with music tracks and notes via the link below.



Almost Live Lounge w/ the Bitterfly Collective

Friday Dam Daily presenter, Chris Willis, also started the year with something new; hosting an exclusive music set by the Bitterfly Collective in an Almost Live Lounge session. Great to hear from Kris and Sander on this new phase of their musical journey. Listen back via the link below.


 ▶️ More On Demand! 

The full On Demand list, with all our Dam Daily shows and more, is available here. Cathy shared the winner of the Popprijs for the Netherlands, Arlo Parks gig news and a heads up for an AI hackathon on her latest show, BLESZ had spoken word event news to share, Zack Newmark joined with ice-skating spots on Chris’ show last Friday, and as promised there was a “Big Rock” gig list for 2023. Jons had new movie picks for the January edition of the Amsterdam Film Show, including BROKER, THE PALE BLUE EYE and Spielberg’s latest THE FABELMANS. He thinks we’ll get our hearts broken by ALL THE BEAUTY AND THE BLOODSHED, and he’s excited the EYE filmmuseum is screening the films of Polish master Krzysztof Kieślowski.


📰 Local news

Since our last newsletter we’ve made four episodes of our mini-podcast, 2-min Dam Daily (you can catch up on any podcast platform). Here’s just the latest one:

Car theft is up significantly in Amsterdam, and sustainable “flex homes” coming in 2023 already.

BRAM RADIO shares local news on our weekday Dam Daily radio show and in our general playout, but we also publish a ‘2-minute Dam Daily’ of Amsterdam news stories, in a mini-podcast which you can subscribe to on Spotify etc. (Amsterdam news links are also updated regularly on our Pinterest boards, and shared on our website, here.)


📻 Live radio heads up

If you miss any of our live shows they will be available On Demand shortly after the show.

  • Thursday 26 Jan, 9-11h | Dam Daily w/ BLESZ & friends out of Burgundy Sound Studios
  • Friday 27 Jan, 9-11h | Chris Willis w/ Dam Daily
  • Friday 27 Jan, 14-15h | Streets of Fire with Jesse Lent, plus his music guest 🎵🎙 Marcel van Schooten one of the organizers of Peel Slowly and See music festival (10-11 March). A great way to start the second season of his radio series 🔥.



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