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There was Phil Rosenthal, a beloved international television and Netflix star with a sold-out event at the Meervaart theatre last week, sat cosily on stage with BRAM RADIO host, Jesse Lent, riffing off his many food and TV production stories. How proud are we? Broadcast Amsterdam was asked to help find a moderator for the event and we’re pleased as punch that Jesse got the assignment.

On the night, several members of the radio station team, past and present, were there to enjoy it. And actually they could also have also pulled off this assignment comfortably. Geli Carney (previous host of Amsterdam Kitchen radio/podcast series) knows her food stories inside out for sure and was also ready to step up if needed. We also bumped into Kiko Morah (previous host of Amsterdam Film Show and Dam Directors Cut host radio show/podcast) who can often be found moderating at the Imagine Film Festival, through his side hussle as a film programmer. We already knew he was passionate also about food and beer but it turns out he is also a massive Phil fan. Actually there were huge numbers of Phil Rosenthal fans in Amsterdam and almost the entire audience queued up afterwards for a photo, and more importantly … a big hug.

So, there’s truly a wealth of skills and experience within our network and we are super fortunate that they give (or have given) time to the radio station on a volunteer-basis. But I’m now also finding that Broadcast Amsterdam is helping to get paid assignments for those we work with. So we are also functioning as a kind of talent agency. Cool. Bring it on! 🤩✉️ Enquiries welcome at [@CathyCentral, Exec Producer]


When you need a change of pace

Usually we do an upbeat radio show for the weekend, but because of particularly bad world news this week it didn’t feel right to go with bangin’ tracks and loads of excitement. So we brought in a change of pace and shared some lush but melancholy music and shared our weekend tips of things to do with a more muted tone. 🎵Music: the second track was a beautiful piece by Renk (Turkey), plus HAEVN, Tamino, SYML, Kurdish-Dutch singer Naaz, and ending with Nour Yamm(Arabic). You can find the whole show, plus what’s on info and the playlist via the link below.


Sara’s back in the Dam 👋

Host of Dam Daily and The Culture Show, Sara McClosky, had a little break from the station for the start of the year but she was back on air this week (she’s also switched her slot from from Mondays to Wednesday mornings). Same excellent music selection, arty events and interesting guests. You can find the whole show and notes via the link below. (🙏 Apologies: the wrong Mixcloud recording was embedded in the post at first, this has now been corrected.)

Get in touch via if you want to join her on air and share something good happening in Amsterdam arts and culture, she’s taking bookings right now.


Sometimes we cover stories outside of Amsterdam 😉

Streets of Fire, Jesse was joined by Marcel van Schooten, one of the organizers of Peel Slowly and See music festival happening 10-11 March in Leiden.

Here’s a clip from the interview …



You can find the whole show and notes via the link below.

▶️ More On Demand! 

The full On Demand list, with all our Dam Daily shows and more, is available here.

📰 Amsterdam news stories

The new Nachtmayor search is on, police get Amsterdamse Bos bike incident tips, takeover at Vondelpark venue, and a clarification on the planned Amsterdam-Barcelona sleeper train …

BRAM RADIO shares local news on our weekday Dam Daily radio show and in our general playout, but we also publish a ‘2-minute Dam Daily’ of Amsterdam news stories, in a mini-podcast which you can subscribe to on Spotify etc. The latest episode is shared above. (Amsterdam news links are also updated regularly on our Pinterest boards, and shared on the Amsterdam news section of our website, here.)


📻 Radio heads up

If you miss any of our live shows they will be available On Demand shortly after the show.

Bright Minds on air!

From David Sedaris to Megan Twohey, some of the best episodes of the Bright Minds podcast will be aired on BRAM RADIO on Sunday 12 February (14:00-17:50) and for the remaining Sundays in February. This podcast series from the John Adams Institute shares highlights from visiting speakers from the US to Amsterdam over the years.

For more info on the scheduling of the Bright Minds takeover, see here, . Set your agendas and listen along!


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