So the station finally got hacked. By AI. | BRAM wk 8, 2023

Written by on 23/02/2023

I’ve just about recovered from taking part in the 24-hour AI Hackathon in Amsterdam earlier this month. To be honest, I was totally out of my comfort zone, pitching and vibing with some of the most innovative and curious tech folks in the city but I was also made very welcome by everyone. I was prepared to join any team with a good idea for using machine learning, but amazingly I found a few coders who were up for building some “radio AI” tools. In 24-hours.

I reported back on the following Monday’s Dam Daily show but I’ve also edited it into a 4-minute episode for our BRAM talk podcast series. The BRAM talk podcast shares interview highlights and features from the radio from time to time — subscribe wherever you get your podcasts or use the podcast tab in our new mobile app. It’s also embedded below.

If you listened back and are thinking, yeah I’d like to get into some of that machine learning, chat GPT, generative AI magic, there’s a spin-off hackathon going on in London on 21-22 April, with some of the same organisers, and the registrations open on Monday.

You’re welcome xxx [@CathyCentral, Exec Producer]


DIY local history

On the radio recently, we got the story behind Badass Tours’ new, self-guided Amsterdam tours. Founder and tour guide, Elyzabeth Gorman, is now giving people that chance to build their own historic journey around the city by mobile. All still in keeping with the same themes she’s been focussed on for the last five years which means the badasses you learn about are women, BIPOC (black, indigenous, and other people of colour), LGBT+ or Jewish. We learned about the process of building the online experience, got a flavour of the stories you may not have heard of, and heard how it’s linked with a European programme to develop sustainable models of tourism.

You can find the whole show and notes via the link below.


📱 “Your app is better than Radio 1’s”

… said my husband this week. This is a man who doesn’t give out praise too easy. He was comparing the radio app of the national public broadcaster (with their mega budgets) and the new mobile app for BRAM RADIO. Don’t believe him, check out a demo below.


 More On Demand! 

The full On Demand list, with all our Dam Daily shows and more, is available here. Sara & Sara also made a great cultural round up for Feb-March events and we just aired February-March local cinema tips in our Amsterdam Film Show with Jons.

📰 Amsterdam news stories

Schiphol limits outgoing passengers in May holidays, the three possible locations for the new erotic centre get pushback, and 35 comic artists are part of the Megillah Sunday Funnies exhibition at the central library from 3 March till 26 May …

BRAM RADIO shares local news on our weekday Dam Daily radio show and in our general playout, but we also publish a ‘2-minute Dam Daily’ of Amsterdam news stories, in a mini-podcast which you can subscribe to on Spotify etc. The latest episode is shared above. (Amsterdam news links are also updated regularly on our Pinterest boards, and shared on the Amsterdam news section of our website, here.)


📻 Radio heads up

If you miss any of our live shows they will be available On Demand shortly after the show.

  • Friday 24 Feb, 9-11h LIVE | Chris Willis w/ Dam Daily (repeated same day 17-19h)
  • Friday 10 Feb, 14-15h LIVE  | 🔥 Streets of Fire with Jesse Lent S2E4 – follow up interview with 😍 Marnix from 🎸 Ciao Lucifer.
  • Sunday 26 Feb, 14-17:45h | 🎙 Bright Minds on air | a podcast takeover!

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