“If you build it, they will come.” | BRAM wk 10, 2023

Written by on 13/03/2023

At least one person in Amsterdam is thirsting for more local news. Thank you to Attila for spending time with me after his interview (see below), and sharing some feedback on his listening experience of BRAM RADIO over the previous week. He was very excited to discover our station and was looking forward to getting a weekday dose of local news from our Dam Daily show. Unfortunately this coincided with the spring break for Amsterdam schools for which we had scheduled a reduced programme on the station. My bad.

So although we still had a few live shows during the week (shout out to Friday Dam Daily host, Chris Willis), re-runs of our favourite local guest interviews, some ICYMI news clips, and plenty of good music … what Attila had tuned in for was the regularity of something like our 9-11am weekly Dam Daily concept that he could add to his routine. This is validating and frustrating at the same time. It was so great to hear directly from Attila that there is demand for the kind of local radio format we’ve been busy building, but frustrating that we cannot deliver the output on a consistent basis right now.

Listeners, we’re going to change this. Firstly we’ll be recruiting and training up a bigger team to help share the news and events out of Amsterdam, unaffected by seasonal breaks. Second, we’ll persevere to source funding and income to support the day-to-day local radio station Amsterdam deserves.

Remember the line from Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come”? Well our listeners are already here, over a thousand of you each month. Our foundation, Broadcast Amsterdam, needs a team that brings you its A-game every week. Contact me on info@broadcastamsterdam.nl to talk about positions, tactics or strategy.



International week

We make radio for all Amsterdammers but this week we had a loose ‘internationals’ theme on the radio station, including interviews and event news.

You can find the radio shows and show notes via the links below …

Making friends with Attila & AIC

Who’s behind one of the liveliest social networks in the city? Attila Bongiovanni, AIC founder, joined us on the radio to share more about their community of internationals in Amsterdam and his growing team of social animals. https://broadcastamsterdam.nl/podcast/attila-aic-nicexpat/


Paula, working for international women in Amsterdam

Paula Kelder, founder of Amsterdam International Women, joined us on the radio to share the ups and downs of her life in NL so far, more about the AIW community, and her passion for supporting women. https://broadcastamsterdam.nl/podcast/paula-aiw-2023/


“Expat brain” & the mental process of settling in the Netherlands

A chat with neuroscientist Skyla Herod PhD, of Orange Compass, about the mental process of settling in the Netherlands. https://broadcastamsterdam.nl/podcast/10-march-2023-dd/


▶️ On Demand radio shows

The full On Demand list, with all our Dam Daily shows and Your Amsterdam Weekend, is available here, in case you want to catch up on the latest buzz in Amsterdam.

📰 Local news

Our latest 2-min Dam Daily ep | A summary of the process for the election of the new night mayor for Amsterdam, organised by https://nachtburgemeester.amsterdam.

BRAM RADIO shares local news on our weekday Dam Daily radio show and in our general playout, but we also publish a ‘2-minute Dam Daily’ of Amsterdam news stories, in a mini-podcast which you can subscribe to on Spotify etc. (Amsterdam news links are also updated regularly on our Pinterest boards, and shared on our website, here.)


Amsterdames podcast takeover

Local women doing amazing things? The Amsterdames podcast will be taking over the airwaves on BRAM RADIO on Sunday 12 March (14:00-17:25), when we broadcast some of the best episodes so far. And for the remaining Sundays in March.

For more info on the scheduling of the Amsterdam’s podcast takeover, see here. Set your agendas and listen along!


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