The revenge of the Vondelpark squat-gig | BRAM wk 12, 2023

Written by on 24/03/2023

How sweet it felt for Ukrainian music artist, Igor Kramarenko (aka Fenoman), this week when he used the squatted property of sanctioned Russian billionaire, Arkadiy Volozj, for a living room concert to raise money for the Ukrainian armed forces. Igor was a recent guest on BRAM RADIO radio station and I was instantly inspired by his creativity and energy so I was glad to be able to join them down at Vossiusstraat 16.

I really wanted to report back from the squat for you all with photos and some #mojo reportage using my smartphone mic, but firstly … I discovered that there’s strictly “NO PHOTOS ALLOWED”. That’s a shame as there were some great murals on the walls, you’ll have to go down to an event and take a look yourselves. Secondly, I forgot my mobile phone. Fine, that meant I could just chill-ax on one of the sofas and enjoy the music. And it was extremely chilled because there’s no heating – we all kept our coats on.

Grisha Chayka, part of the Ukrainian rock band Okean Elzy (think Ukraine’s Muse equivalent) also played some of his new acoustic songs and premiered a music video shot on a bombed building in Kharkiv. The following night, Grisha and Okean Elzy were on stage at AFAS LIVE for another fundraiser, and this one I can share footage from …

But back to the Vossiustraat squat.

This was just one of many community events that are hosted there. And despite winning their case against eviction, there’s an appeal from the owner still to come and this will be heard on 12 April at 9:30 am.

Will this space remain “a place of resistance and creation” as the @vossiusstraat16group hopes? Or just another rich person’s occasional-Amsterdam-mansion-by-the-park?



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