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Let’s track back for a digest of what can happen at a community radio station over a five-month period (and ignore for now why we haven’t emailed you sooner.) Two new radio hosts have settled in, Chris moved his studio to his attic, we started production on a new podcast collaboration, we had record-breaking stats for a single episode, we engaged in global politics, and also got face-to-face with a whole bunch of listeners at various meetups.

I’ll be honest, it’s been a busy period, with other challenges on top. Most organisations will go through some periods of pressure, no panic. Thankfully, with an experienced radio team, flexible formats and great tech, we can keep a 24/7 station running fine. I simply had to decide what from the work load had to give if necessary. The newsletter has been one of those things for a while. But as we go into a new year (our tenth) and things are calming down it’s time to start sharing more updates with you from behind the scenes.


Local vs global

As mentioned, although we’re a local radio station I took the decision back in November to make space in the radio programming for a special message about Gaza. It’s simpler to say nothing or respond only in a personal capacity, but the simple truth is I didn’t feel comfortable continually broadcasting about our relatively comfortable every day news and events here in Amsterdam, without acknowledging that what many reputable organisations are calling a genocide is currently taking place. Our government could do more to stop this. So the more voices that join with a ceasefire message, perhaps it can have some good effect. Perhaps.

So, we currently have a consistent time in the radio schedule, 12-13h and 21-22h, when for as long as it feels right, we’re playing slower, more thoughtful music tracks as well as the station message you can find below.


Team news

Back in June, Sibylle joined our Dam Daily team and has been bringing a fresh, student perspective to our flagship series. Nervous about public speaking😬, she is a great example to those out there who think you have to be super confident to be on the radio. Sibylle brings a thoughtful digest of local news mixed with a playful selection of everyday topics and a dash of German rap. In this episode she covers the Amsterdam-Berlin train connection, amongst other things.

At one of the meetups in the summer we met radio-producer, Paweł, who now pairs up with Sara Mc on a regular basis to co-host the Monday edition of Dam Daily — they vibe well and have a shared love of dogs amongst other things. You can hear about their advice for Amsterdam dog owners, here. And remember that period of non-stop rain? They came up with some solid coping tips for it. Those may still come in handy of course, so here it is On Demand.

In September we ‘sealed the transfer’ 😆 of a great show from a London indie station to our own weekly schedule out of Amsterdam: hi Sachin Presents. Sachin is bursting with alternative/ultra indie music tips and when you can catch them on an Amsterdam stage. Following his move to the city, he’s been totally immersing himself in the local gig scene (his mum also a little), often sharing back stage band interviews on his show.

🧋👋 Next Broadcast Club meetup!

So yes, in the last five months we’ve hosted a few editions of The Broadcast Club — open meetups to chat radio with listeners and curious Amsterdammers — but we should have had more to be honest. Sometimes it’s a coffee, sometimes an after work drink, sometimes even a gig meetup. I encourage potential volunteers to join for these events but also anyone who wants to share feedback or music requests.

When’s the next one? Sunday 21 January between 10-12h. We’ll be having a coffee and sharing suggestions at Cafe Krull by Sarphatipark in de Pijp.

Please RSVP and join our Meetup group, here, if you want come along.

PS. The record-breaking number of listeners (837 plays) for a single episode in our On Demand archive is for Camille’s interview with the cast of The Addams Family musical (a production from Cauldron Performing Arts), as part of her series, On Stage Amsterdam. Way to go!


So thanks for reading this update from Broadcast Amsterdam! If you don’t already, subscribe to our newsletter for free to receive new posts by email and follow our work.

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