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Countryfile with bare bottoms in God’s Own Country, the exploitation problem in Red Sparrow … our Amsterdam Film Show tips for March are here … David Swatling reviews Red Sparrow  Cathy Leung reviews God’s Own Country our highlights (low brow and high brow) from the rest of the new cinema releases hitting Amsterdam this month special screenings and […]

Local elections take place across the Netherlands on 21 March and that includes Amsterdam. For many internationals in Amsterdam it’s very possible you have a vote in these elections. Nationals from other EU countries living in Amsterdam can vote immediately if they are registered here. Residents from countries outside Europe are allowed to vote in […]

Local businesswoman, Monique Erinna, visited the Spark 2017 conference for female entrepreneurs and spoke with attendees, and the founder of Spark, Hannah Huber, to find out more about this vibrant and growing network in Amsterdam. + Also featuring an original song composed and performed especially for Spark by Eva Ellingsworth, The next Spark […]

 MY.DAM.PLAYLIST series | Episode 1  | Matt Carney The best playlists, shared by our Amsterdam friends | Get in touch if you have a good playlist to share and tell us all about it.   “Hi my name is Matt Carney and I’m an actor in Amsterdam. I’m going to talk about what kind of […]

We interviewed local illustrator, Rachelle Meyer, about her sketchbook project ‘Faces on the Ferry’. She told us why she started sketching the people she saw every day on her ferry commute from Amsterdam Noord to her studio in the city centre. “I can just kind of stand here and … intimately doodle on the ferry.” […]



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