Author: @CathyCentral

Jessie Ware is out, Charlotte Plank is in. Bleachers are being retired and Inhaler are back. Radio stations refresh their music playlists all the time, and for BRAM RADIO it’s for sure a weekly action, but this week there’s been a bigger audit than usual. I’m talking about the station’s main playlist here. We have […]

Bucking the trend, De Figuantenbar, a small brown bar on a quiet cross street in Amsterdam’s Oud West, has handed over the reins to new proprietors but very little is expected to change. Remarkably for this period in time, the neighbourhood app group was reassured that it would not turn into a fancy wine bar […]

How sweet it felt for Ukrainian music artist, Igor Kramarenko (aka Fenoman), this week when he used the squatted property of sanctioned Russian billionaire, Arkadiy Volozj, for a living room concert to raise money for the Ukrainian armed forces. Igor was a recent guest on BRAM RADIO radio station and I was instantly inspired by […]

At least one person in Amsterdam is thirsting for more local news. Thank you to Attila for spending time with me after his interview (see below), and sharing some feedback on his listening experience of BRAM RADIO over the previous week. He was very excited to discover our station and was looking forward to getting […]

I’ve just about recovered from taking part in the 24-hour AI Hackathon in Amsterdam earlier this month. To be honest, I was totally out of my comfort zone, pitching and vibing with some of the most innovative and curious tech folks in the city but I was also made very welcome by everyone. I was […]

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