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Can a monster romance charm someone who doesn’t like monster films or romance films? Are child actors ever bearable? We’ll see, as our Amsterdam Film Show tips for February are here …  David Swatling reviews The Florida Project and The Shape of Water our highlights (low brow and high brow) from the rest of the new cinema […]

Our ‘So Dam Local’ filmmakers captured the old-time vibe of the Hammam Amsterdam beautifully, and the owner tells us his story. #gezelligheid Filmmakers: Aimilia Mouzaki & Bondo

We have a weekly 19:00 spot on Amsterdam TV but we thought even Amsterdammers might not appreciate Aidan’s naughty humour so early in the evening. So we kept this episode of ‘Dam Funny’ exclusively for YouTube. And Aidan doesn’t just tell dirty jokes, he can be offensive about a whole range of things … NB […]

‘So Dam Local’ chatted with the sketchers on the 43rd Worldwide SketchCrawl in Amsterdam. Filmmaker: Cathy Leung

Our ‘So Dam Local’ team took part in ‘Koken in een andere keuken’ run by Amsterdam Verbindt at the Stoelen Project, a homeless shelter off the Marnixstraat in Amsterdam. The team cooked dinner for 45-50 homeless people and organiser, Hennie Heijmans, popped by to explain more about the scheme and how it connects those who […]

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