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At least one person in Amsterdam is thirsting for more local news. Thank you to Attila for spending time with me after his interview (see below), and sharing some feedback on his listening experience of BRAM RADIO over the previous week. He was very excited to discover our station and was looking forward to getting […]

I’ve just about recovered from taking part in the 24-hour AI Hackathon in Amsterdam earlier this month. To be honest, I was totally out of my comfort zone, pitching and vibing with some of the most innovative and curious tech folks in the city but I was also made very welcome by everyone. I was […]

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PLUS … A VONDELPARK TAKE OVER | LATEST EPS | EVENTS | RADIO TIPS There was Phil Rosenthal, a beloved international television and Netflix star with a sold-out event at the Meervaart theatre last week, sat cosily on stage with BRAM RADIO host, Jesse Lent, riffing off his many food and TV production stories. How […]

PLUS … FLINK MUSICIAN FENOMAN | ALMOST LIVE LOUNGE | LATEST EPS | COMING UP Raizing the barre, a joyful pop-up How to start a new year with intent? On the second of January I dragged myself from my festive stupor, out of my comfort zone (home studio), loaded up the cargo bike and set […]

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