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PLUS … FLINK MUSICIAN FENOMAN | ALMOST LIVE LOUNGE | LATEST EPS | COMING UP Raizing the barre, a joyful pop-up How to start a new year with intent? On the second of January I dragged myself from my festive stupor, out of my comfort zone (home studio), loaded up the cargo bike and set […]

Email us to sign up … This May, our EP, Cathy, wants to treat five Amsterdammers to lunch in return for a short chat about all things radio and podcasts, your listening habits, and your experience of our radio station.

Here’s some 2-minute pilots of local news, like we cover on Dam Daily, but produced as a micro-podcast and shared on all podcast platforms, for listening to short news items on demand. Listen back, follow and tell us what you think!   Credits Producer: Cathy Leung Music beds: We Are OK  News links For our […]

  From the schedule page, refresh your browser if you don’t see the interactive radio schedule.    

Broadcast Amsterdam would like to bring the city more live radio shows and bring new voices and stories to our growing audience.

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