Listener Complaints Policy


Complaints about the content of our broadcasts or the way in which we operate, will be treated seriously and respectfully. We acknowledge that all radio stations can make mistakes, despite our best efforts.

We are a non-profit organisation (stichting) and operated on a voluntary basis. We try our best to provide a platform for all of Amsterdam, in English. As a local radio station we do our very best to represent our entire community. We aim to adhere to the very highest professional standards in broadcasting and community journalism, complying with the applicable broadcasting regulations in the Netherlands.

Any complaints will always be treated in the strictest confidence except in the interests of fairness, or compelled by the Regulator or a Court to divulge your identity.


Outline of how to submit a complaint and how your complaint will be dealt with

  1. Please submit your complaint in writing by email to the Executive Director, at ensuring that the subject line includes “Listener complaint”.
  2. We will acknowledge your complaint in writing by email and advise you how the complaint will be handled including the estimated timescale for resolution. We will also request any additional clarifying information we require at this stage.
  3. Generally speaking, most complaints will be dealt with by our voluntary management team. However, if we feel that your complaint is about, or involves, the voluntary management team or their stewardship of the station we may seek external assistance in the handling of your complaint.
  4. We will respond to you by email, notifying you of our findings and, if applicable, our proposals to resolve your complaint.

Please Note

Our complaints procedure is not designed to diminish your ability to contact the national broadcasting regulator. You can of course complain directly to them, but we believe we can resolve most issues to listeners’ satisfaction if you contact us directly.


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