Our audience

BRAM RADIO from Stichting Broadcast Amsterdam is a growing, independent, 24/7 streaming radio station for Amsterdam, broadcasting in English. https://broadcastamsterdam.nl/vision/


We currently have around 2,000 unique listeners per month across our hybrid platform. This is made of of three main sources:

  • our 24/7 radio stream (including our live show audience)
  • On Demand listeners (people listening back via our website/Mixcloud/embedded playback)
  • podcasts (eg Apple podcasts, Spotify etc).

Our social media followers total over 3k, including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.


The top three country locations for the radio playout are NL, the US, and the UK, and for our On Demand listeners the location for our listeners is overwhelmingly the Netherlands, then the US and the UK. (NB Listeners shown as overseas may also be local but using a VPN.)

We are proud of the diversity of our audience, and we take pleasure from the following:

  • an international pool of show hosts (with their own personal networks) out of the Middle East, India and New Zealand, as well as The Netherlands, the UK and the US
  • a high recall factor – when we meet or speak with our listeners we hear that they usually recall our stories in good detail, with a strong emotional reaction, very often acting on tips, from dumpling spots to museum events.
  • regular collaborations with the local arts community, local international organisations, schools, and local businesses.

Cathy Leung

Executive Producer, Broadcast Amsterdam

11 March 2023

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