Dam Daily & last #MiddlebareMashup 🧑‍🏫 | 17 March

Geli & Margaret 17/03/2021

Election buzz and the final #MiddlebareMashup report from Margaret Kearns (see below). Your Wednesday Dam Daily is here, with local news, chat, music of course – picks from your host, Geli.

Listen back

Listen back to the full 2-hour radio show, including the brilliant music tracks ( some Irish tunes for St. Patrick’s Day ), on the mixcloud player below:

Margaret joins with her report about 30 mins into the show.



A mini-series within the Dam Daily Wednesday slot, with Geli & Margaret. In this episode Margaret wraps up the process of choosing a middlebare school in Amsterdam. We look at our final school Cygnus Gymnasium in Amsterdam East and discuss organisations that support parents and pupils in secondary school education in Amsterdam, for example OCO and StichtingVSA. Also an explainer on how the digital registration lottery system works plus a digression on the Dutch test marking system – just for fun.

Podcast We also publish a talk-only podcast version of the #MiddlebareMashup mini-series, a day or so after the radio broadcast. Subscribe for updates on your chosen podcast platform. The latest episode is here below. For the whole #MiddlebareMashup series, see here.



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