Dam Daily w/ BLESZ | 26 Jan

BLESZ & friends 26/01/2023

This week BLESZ is back with a great selection R&B, dancehall and more. Of course there is a Bad Ass moment in history a brand new Friendly song and an event tip.

Listen back, including music tracks and talk, on the mixcloud player above.

What’s on!

LADIDA |  Tuesday January 31st Ladida starts at 19.30hrs at Paradiso. Ladida is a brand new event in collaboration with Word Up Amsterdam. The theme of Ladida is Love and it’s a unique spoken word event, with a workshop and a DJ. For more information check out this link.

Friendly Song

This week’s Friendly song is “Missing you” by Eckoes a very talented vocalist from the U.K.
The song is about “having everything”, but letting the love of your life go. It was released on January 25th and is available on all platforms, so save it, share it and play it!

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