A Christmas for the future | Give a Dam

Give A Dam 11/12/2020

How can Christmas be reenvisioned so it doesn’t cost the Earth?

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In the season finale of Give a Dam, Yatou and Iona reflect on sustainability lessons they’ve learned over the last months and discuss how to put them in practice this holiday season. From sharing inspiring environmental documentaries with the family to volunteering your skills with a non-profit online, there are so many ways to engage in making Amsterdam a more sustainable city. In addition to their usual selection of world music, this Christmas special gives tangible advice on choices we can make about holiday gifts, trees, and dinners in order to lessen our impact on the environment.

Special thanks to Douwe, the Amsterdam based graphic designer, who created Jointly, the non-profit that connects eager volunteers with environmental organisations. Check out the Jointly community online at jointly.earth

Check out the Waterbear platform here to watch documentaries, connect with organisations and take action for the environment!

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