Dam Daily + Climate justice v Shell

Sarah T & Cathy 02/06/2021

We got the local and global story behind the successful big group action against Shell from Action Aid’s Nils Mollema, (Policy Advisor Climate Justice); the big energy conglomerate has been ordered by a judge to speed up their carbon emissions reduction. Nils joined us for the whole second half of the show and shared what this recent, breakthrough decision in the Dutch courts means for the Netherlands, but also for the global south – a region disproportionately effected by rising carbon emissions. It’s also a great example of how organisations and individuals can work together to make a positive impact, against the odds. And as usual in the first hour @CathyCentral and Sarah Tekath brought listeners our regular city news updates and lots of great indie rock.

Listen back

Listen back to the full 2-hour radio show, including the brilliant music tracks on the mixcloud player below:

Nils’ interview starts around 1:03:00


Also on the show

  • the battle between cyclists and pedestrians in the Negen Straten (Nine Streets), in centrum
  • coronavirus update + guess who’s been totally knocked out by their vaccination?
  • what’s on now the museums and galleries are opening up this weekend?
  • a warning to check the safety of wild swimming spots
  • the music was all rock; indie rock, new and old, plus a classic Queen track.


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