Amsterdam smart eats!

Cathy & Kedar 22/05/2021

Amsterdam cheap eats? More like smart eats say Cathy and Kedar as they picked out some budget-friendly tips in the local area, but also smart and sustainable developments. Plus a few more local food stories and as always, great music for you to enjoy in your Amsterdam kitchen.

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Also on the show

  • Kedar got super hot-chilli-ed up with a take of from in Zeedijk, aka Amsterdam’s Chinatown
  • Cathy raved about the super fresh and tasty VondelKitchen takeout from her tennis club, open to all
  • some new piglets in Nieuw-West are going to grow slowly, fed on Amsterdam’s food waste, there’s a walking path through their patch so you can go say hi
  • we’ve started up our radio studio food bank collection point again, donations welcome from all who pass through or pass by
  • Kedar gave us his tips for Turkish pizza in Amsterdam, including Safak in Oost, who make theirs from scratch

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