Artists of the Amsterdam Light Festival

Jesse & Cathy 23/12/2023

AI errors, alienation, inequality and hearing music through your eyes? Jesse and Cathy reported back from the Amsterdam Light Festival, with artist chats and the curator’s thinking for this year.

Listen back to the radio show on the mixcloud player above, included a few light-themed 🎵 music tracks. 

Find out more about the Amsterdam Light Festival at, on show until 21 January.

🙏 Thanks especially to Justus Bruns (pictured) from the slow tech studio, VOUW, who took time out from making their Chair Wave, to share with us why the city needs something like this. Listen from 0:13:00 to hear about the Chair Wave, and see their film below for how it works.

🎙 And also featuring chats with Florian & Michael Quistrebert, Peter Vink, Vendel & de Wolf and curator, Jin Choi.

Open boat taster

Look out for Cathy’s 📷 short film, exploring the artworks on an open boat at night (it’ll be released by the end of December.)


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