Tenet & more | Amsterdam Film Show | Sept 2020

Kiko & Elliot 04/09/2020

While @KikoMorah and Elliot Bloom still recover from the deafening experience of Tenet and its sound design, we’ve got reviews on Dead Ringers, Peninsula, The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover and of course Tenet – no spoilers are included. We also look ahead to how cinema will continue now that the very limited release of summer blockbusters has passed, we pick some of our highlights from Amsterdam’s diverse program for September – with open air screenings!

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Show notes & links

Also covered on the show:

  • Fear in the Fifties series @ Rialto
  • picks from the current Suggested series @ Lab111
  • a rooftop movie at Canvas
  • and much more.

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