An Orange winter + live bellinis

Cathy & Geli 05/12/2020

For the end of the fourth season, Amsterdam Kitchen radio show (and podcast) had a round up of Christmas food and drink tips for Amsterdam, and a special feature on how to have an ‘Orange Winter’ – having ordered 5kg of imported Italian oranges off Daniela from Amsterdam Cooks facebook group, Cathy is wondering what to do with them. Plenty of ideas on the show! Plus more local food stories, more take out and delivery tips for Amsterdam, and good music.

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Also on the show 

  • local delivery reviews | Rotisserie Rijsel (Oost) & Happy Bull burgers (Zuid)
  • Winkelwagon | Geli had a non-alcoholic tipple + a hot snack in her shopping trolley this week
  • Markets & more | Heads up for long-awaited local food events in 2021
  • super music picks!


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