BLESZ beats & Anton de Kom, local icon

BLESZ 31/12/2020

BLESZ with the super chilled remixes, RnB and local stories, including this week a spotlight on wartime resistance fighter, Anton de Kom, one of many Amsterdam #BlackArchivesIcons, and a ‘Friendly Song’ from Quibus featuring Ihaka (details below).

Listen back

Listen back to the full 2-hour radio show, including music tracks, on the mixcloud player here:

The story about Anton de Kom comes in about 51:00.


“More people should know about these heroes – and not just in the Netherlands! Read more about them here.”

Elyzabeth Gorman, Badass Tours

(Mural portrait of Anton de Kom by Hedy Tijn & Dewy “Butterfingaz” Elsinga)


Friendly song

BLESZ’s friendly song this week is “Looking for You” by Quibus (featuring Ihaka).




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