Cauldron, stirring up musical theatre in Ams

Cathy & guests 01/05/2023

Some of the Cauldron team joined us on the radio to share how they are stirring up the magical musical theatre scene in Amsterdam, for amateurs and semi-pros.

Listen back to the radio show on the mixcloud player above. Plus music picks.

You can follow Cauldron performing arts on Instagram at @cauldronperformingarts.

The team of Camille Gribbons, Sophia Frayle and Julian Ortega, talked about the journey from their first show in March 2022 to current and future productions, how they run their small arts org in Amsterdam, and how you can try musical theatre for yourself at one of their karaoke nights.

🎵 Music included tracks from their May production, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and a teaser track to reveal live on air … a show they will do in 2024.

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