Cook back in time, cake-balls & takeout

Geli & Cathy 17/10/2020

A cook back in time as Charlotte Kleyn, local food historian, joined us on the Amsterdam Kitchen radio show (and podcast) to talk about how the Dutch used to eat, why vegetables weren’t valued so much, the culinary detective work she does by tracking through Dutch records, when the first ever takeaway pizza was delivered in the Netherlands, and much more. We also shared lots more local food stories, a lot of take out and delivery news for Amsterdam now that restaurants and cafes have closed during our partial lockdown, and great music tracks to keep our spirits up.

Listen back

Listen back to the full 2-hour radio show (with music tracks) via the Mixcloud player:

(The interview with Charlotte starts around 20:00)

Also on the show (links on Pinterest below):

  • reviews | take-away lunch options for a cycle tour to Noord & Geli’s tip for excellent coffee and a friendly smile = Coffee District
  • requesting your own neighbourhood food truck
  • winkelwagon | a special offer from Lindenhoff and a non-alcoholic wine
  • which Amsterdam bar has an absolute Timothy Chalamet-lookalike


You can also listen to just the interview on our talk-only version, here:

(This interview is not available in our Amsterdam Kitchen podcast, as it has copyrighted music in it.)


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