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Alex & Sofia 14/09/2020

Alex and Sofia are back and better than ever with the sun being out this week!

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Listen back for advice on where to go to best take advantage of this sunny week in Amsterdam, from what they would do if there were no consequences for a day in Amsterdam to the best brunch spots in the city.


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Food is (once again) a highly mentioned topic, where they went, where they want to go and dinner party guests that they’d like to invite. Support their mission of being pancake gurus this week!

They’re back at it with their weird song related questions that could possibly spark up a conversation in anyone else’s discussions this week?

The more you listen, the more you get to know about the rather strange personal stories shared on their radio, do you think that sometimes they forget they’re on air?

Listen to the show to see how they are one breakfast away from starting their day!


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