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Sara & Cathy 28/02/2022

Our radio guest, Ann Doherty, from Voedselpark Amsterdam, on the race against time to “preserve a green piece of Amsterdam for future generations”, specifically by buying the ultra fertile 42 hectare Lutkemeerpolder in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. 

In the first hour we had local news out of Amsterdam with Sara Mc and Cathy, plus music picks, as usual (scroll down for the full 2-hour show). 

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You can follow and support the Voedselpark Amsterdam initiative at



Ann is also part of:

  • the Pluk CSA community farming project in Amsterdam Nieuw-West, with about 100 Amsterdamers farming their own produce. They have an open day coming up in March and have currently space for more members.
  • Cityplot, educating Amsterdammers on things like balcony gardening, worm composting and more.


Saturday 12 March | Pluk CSA open day!

Listen back | original show

Listen back to the full two-hour radio show, including music tracks, on the mixcloud player above.

The guest interview starts around 0:58:00. Note that Ann has  a correction: they estimate the 43 hectare area could feed roughly 10,000 families, not > 100,000 families.




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