Forget Corona with the Beauty of Amsterdam | Alex & Sofia, 21 Sept

Alex & Sofia 21/09/2020

Another Monday and another couple hours of Alex and Sofia!

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This week they talk about what to do when you think there’s nothing to do, where to hunt for new hobbies in Amsterdam and how to keep yourself entertained indoors and in the rain!

Experts at not only asking but answering weird questions, they’ve got a whole load that you could use for potential ice breakers or even conversation starters. Hear what they have to say about the weirdest smells in Amsterdam, a secret society they would start if they could and whether they think cereal counts as a soup or not.

This time they also particularly talk about what they feel has been the hardest thing for them during these uncertain times and how they’ve tried to overcome it. They hope bringing up such topics sparks discussion or an ability for listeners to relate to their feelings so that they know that there’s plenty of others like them out there.

Never a dull moment with Dam Daily between the laughing (sorry earphone users) and the funky Monday music jams.


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