Dam Daily + Kahya Engler | 29 March

Alexis & Sara & guest 29/03/2021

Alexis and Sara with your Monday edition of the Dam Daily radio show, two hours of great music and local news. Guest Kahya Engler joined in the second hour to talk about community activism, urban gardening and increasing diversity in children’s literature.

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Listen back to the full 2-hour radio show, including the brilliant music tracks, on the mixcloud player.


Below are the links to some of the organizations and issues Kahya discussed and inspiring ways to get involved.

Radio Redmond




Race & Imagery

TedX Youth talk – Kahya Engler – Implementing Change in Literature and Imagry


European Race & Imagery Foundation

American Book Centre – Anti-racism books

Plastic waste & recycling

De Schone Pijp

Plastic Soup Foundation

Urban gardening

Cityplot – collective of professional urban food growers, educators and permaculture designers


Kahya’s Music Picks

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